What You Need To Know Before Buying Trilogy Rings

The Trilogy Ring, also known as a 3-stone or trinity ring, has three gemstones set in a row at its crown. You can choose to have uniformly sized jewels or one bigger stone in the centre. There is no hard and fast rule on whether they should all be diamonds or if they should be a combination of diamonds and other colourful gemstones. This layout’s adaptability and customisation possibilities make it a great choice.

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Can you explain the meaning of a Trilogy Ring?

It is stated that trilogy engagement rings represent a couple’s love’s past, present, and future. Being meaningful and romantic, they are often chosen by couples to celebrate an engagement, an anniversary, or another milestone in their relationship.

Do only engagement rings require a ring in a trilogy?

Regardless of the event, a ring from a trilogy is perfect. The romantic symbolism of these rings makes them ideal for engagements. Still, they are also appropriate for marking other significant moments in a relationship, such as wedding anniversaries, the arrival of a new baby, or the start of a new chapter together. An excellent substitute for an Eternity Ring is the trilogy ring. They make lovely dresses and cocktail rings when set with sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and other colourful gemstones.

Can just diamonds be used in a Trilogy Ring?

Not! The trilogy motif may be used in various jewellery styles, and it looks especially stunning when combined with coloured stones. A huge centre-coloured gemstone like a sapphire or aquamarine is far less expensive than a diamond of the same size, so this is another opportunity to save money on your design. Picking trilogy engagement rings stones based on a person’s birthstone or a colour they particularly like gives a dash of individuality.

In a trilogy ring, what diamond shape is ideal?

The diamond may be whatever cut or shape you like. Diamonds of both round and fancy cuts are used in some of the most eye-catching triad designs. Alternately, you might have the round brilliants take centre stage while the elegant cut takes the background.

Intricately designed diamond trilogy rings

Fancy cutters such as half-moons, Trilliants, Trapezoids, and Cadillac diamonds provide beautiful accent stones for the centrepiece diamond when set in a mirror image. They create a tapering, symmetrical design that looks great on the finger and works well with colourful gemstones set in the centre.

Methods for Displaying a Trilogy Band

Engagement rings are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. However, this varies by culture. Non-wedding jewellery should be chosen in the same way as engagement rings, considering the wearer’s other jewellery and the occasion it is being worn. Designs featuring stones, however, should be avoided on the thumb and little finger, as their claws are more likely to catch and the gems are more likely to chip.

Wedding band to use in a trilogy ring

If you have a trilogy engagement ring, the first thing to look for in a wedding band is whether or not it has a “wed-fit” design. In a wed-fit setting, the stones are aligned or elevated so the rings may be worn together without gaping.

An engagement ring as a wed-fit trilogy is adaptable to any ring design. A simple band in a width that works with your other rings and your finger size is a timeless option. A diamond eternity ring may be another option.

It is suggested to order a custom-shaped wedding band if your trilogy ring is not wed-fit due to a huge centre stone or an attractive twist.

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