How to Care for a Linen Suit Correctly: 5 Simple Tips

When the temperature drops and you have the option to layer, picking what suit to don is simple. Put on your favourite wool suit, and you’ll look stylish and in tune with the season in no time.

But what about the summer? That is a whole new ball game. In sweltering weather, thick wool suits won’t do, and even all-weather suits may start to feel stifling.

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Enter one of the season’s most reliable mainstays: the linen suit. Linen suits are an essential piece of menswear because of how lightweight and breathable they are and how carefree and relaxed they feel.

But before you laud linen as the saviour of summer fashion, remember to explore what makes it such an excellent summer suit fabric and how to care for a linen suit effectively.

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How Should Linen Be Washed?

Unless it is severely discoloured or torn, you don’t need to hire a professional to clean your linen suit; you may do it yourself with ease.

The best way to wash linen is in lukewarm or cold water with a gentle detergent. Because of how readily it creases and how delicate the cloth is, the gentle wash cycle on your machine is your best bet.

If you have control over it, avoiding hard water and using soft water when washing linens are also advantageous.

How Should Linen Be Dried?

You can dry your linen suit in a tumble dryer. However, if you do so, you should take it out while it’s still slightly damp and hang it up or lay it flat to finish drying. This will prevent the fabric from wrinkling excessively and becoming stiff.

Avoid tumble-drying linen and forgetting to remove it from the machine right away since the creases won’t come out.

Should Linen Be Steamed?

The aesthetic you want will determine whether you iron linen. Experts often believe that clean, crisp lines make a linen suit look most refined. Therefore, steaming will undoubtedly be necessary after cleaning and drying.

When steaming linen, it is best to do so while it is still mildly damp. In addition, because linen is a naturally creased fabric and won’t likely shed its wrinkles, it is not one of the materials that may be hung to “drop the wrinkles.”

How Should a Linen Suit Be Stored?

Your linen suit should be kept hanging straight and away from folds and creases.

Although you don’t require a suit bag to defend against moths and other insects because linen naturally repels them, it might be beneficial to use one to prevent the suit from getting squished in your closet.

For a linen jacket, a wide coat hanger with cushioned corners works best since it prevents hanger marks from appearing on the fabric’s delicate shoulders.

How Should a Linen Suit Be Packed?

When packing linen suits for travel, it is always ideal to place them in suit bags that can be hung up; however, if this is not an option, you should pack them as flatly as you can inside your case.

To keep your linen suit as smooth as possible and potentially prevent excessive creases while travelling, fold it precisely flat and place it on top of all your other clothing in your case.

Here’s Your Cue to Suit Up and Stand Out!

Owning a linen suit is obvious given its comfort, coolness, and suitability for the sweltering summer months. However, due to their specific care requirements, linen suits can be confusing for some men.

Don’t let the misconception that linen is challenging to maintain discourage you from purchasing it. Frequently, the wearer’s careless handling of the linen suit, not the suit itself, is at fault.

So, if you’ve read thus far, let’s hope you’re appropriately excited and have learnt how to wear and maintain a linen suit. Brace yourself to accept linen in all its breezy, breathable, and prone-to-wrinkle splendour!

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