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What to Wear in Spain in Fall

If you are traveling to Spain in the fall, here are some suggestions on what to wear. Spain has an unforgiving climate and the temperatures can drop below freezing at times. While the weather can be unpredictable, you can dress for the season in light-weight, comfortable clothing. If you want to make the most of your time in Spain, you should pack layers of warm clothing and avoid wearing heavy-duty winter jackets.

While hiking through mountain ranges and walking through mud, make sure you bring appropriate shoes. For women, consider wedge shoes and for men, loafers. While it may be tempting to wear winter boots, you don’t need them in Spain. Instead, you can seek shelter indoors during bursts of rain. If you want to feel comfortable, buy a pair of lightweight hiking boots or sandals for your trip to Spain.

A flannel shirt, a denim jacket, leather pants, a floppy wool hat, and a cozy coat will make you feel comfortable in the cool weather. Those looking for extra warmth can wear a flannel sweater or a faux fur vest. A scarf with warm colors is essential to prevent the wind chill from blowing away your warm outfit. A t-shirt can double as a blanket scarf, while a button-up shirt will help keep you warm in the cool weather.

For the evening, wear a tunic blouse with long sleeves. You can also pack a sweater or sweatshirt if the weather is chilly. And a jacket is useful if you’re planning a boat trip to an island. The open sea can be windy and you may want to consider bringing a jacket to keep warm. And don’t forget a pair of gloves and a scarve for the night.

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