What Clothes Should I Wear For My Body Type Quiz?

So you’ve taken the what clothes should I wear for my body type quiz, and now you want to know what to wear to match your new body shape. There are several options for you, from rocker chic to evening black tie. But how do you know what looks best on you? The answer is not quite as easy as it seems, so here are some tips to help you find the perfect clothes.

First, you need to know your basic shape. There are five basic body types, each with a different proportion of bones. Your waistline is narrow and your hips slope gently. You will likely gain weight in your hips and tummy area. Your hips are curvy or high. You’re not slim or thin, but you are proportionately long, so you need to choose your clothing based on your proportions.

Dresses can be tricky to fit. Your waist and chest size may be different, so a dress with a larger waist will not be as flattering as a dress with a smaller waist. For women with pear shapes, it’s best to wear clothes that emphasize your bust and shoulders and minimize your lower half. This way, you’ll have more options to choose from when shopping for new clothing duysnews .

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