What is the Universe and the Solar System?

The Universe is the largest astronomical concept, encompassing all things that we can observe, including the Sun. The solar system itself extends from the sun outwards past the four inner planets, as well as the asteroid belt and the four gas giants. Beyond the edge of the solar system lies the heliopause, a teardrop-shaped region that extends far beyond Earth. The edge of the Solar System is approximately 9 billion miles (or 15 billion kilometers) from the sun, while the outer space is believed to contain the giant spherical Oort Cloud.

The solar system began five billion years ago as a patch of dust and gas that orbited a central star. The violent behavior of nearby stars caused the gas and dust to compress and form a planet. The gas and dust particles became dense and heavy due to the gravitational force, which binds them together. While these gas and dust particles are incredibly light, their mass increased enough that they could hold onto gas molecules.

Our solar system is a part of a galaxy, a cluster of stars. This galaxy contains other galaxies and their own solar systems. These galaxies are held together by gravity. There are more than one hundred billion galaxies in our galaxy alone. We can’t see all of them, but we do know their locations and how they fit into the universe. If we were to look into the galaxy, we’d see billions of other solar systems and galaxies.

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