Car Racing Games on PlayStation 5 That You Don’t Want to Miss

Gamers who have been playing video games since they first became popular will find a number of their favorite titles on the PS5. The racing titles that keep us captivated, in our opinion, are what make the PS5 special. Car racing video games have been a favorite among gamers ever since Need for Speed became popular, and since then we have seen many other similar videogames that are super entertaining and fun to play.

These games are now more enjoyable and realistic to play as time goes on and technology advances. The games are extremely delightful and interesting because of the improvements and new features in the PS5. Well, some of our favorite car racing games that you can play on your PS5 are listed below.

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Now, let’s take a look at some of the best car racing games on PS5.

Hot Wheels Unleashed

The super entertaining, vibrant game from Milestone that puts players in control of toy automobiles is Hot Wheels Unleashed. This game is a favorite among gamers who enjoy aesthetically appealing and exhilarating racing games. There are more than 80 events in the primary City Rumble Career mode of the game, where you can race around on a variety of thrilling circuits. The cars, which are based on their actual Hot Wheels Car models, can also be used to create your own tracks.

F1 2022

In terms of clear visuals and smooth gameplay, The F1 2022 looks and performs better than ever before. It runs at 60 frames per second, and if your TV supports 120 frames per second, you’ll have an entirely new gaming experience. The most recent version adds a new Expert Race Style that provides players customization options, such as mechanical flaws and failures, as well as problems with the training program and R&D systems.

The brand-new, narratively focused game mode called Braking Point captures your interest from start to finish. The dramatic scenes and gaming circumstances are what set it apart. F1 2022, available only for the PS5, is the best game if you enjoy games with deep narratives.

WRC 10

Due to its exclusive PS5 version, WRC 10 is one of our favorite rally racing games on the system. With its challenging time, the rally game WRC 10 tests players’ limits. The PS5 version differs from its last generation predecessors with better visuals, quicker load times, a smooth 60fps framerate, and DualSense support.

The DualSense implementation elevates the experience and gives you a sense of immersion in the game. While playing the game, you feel everything, from the car skidding to the ABS activating. This game is our particular favorite on the PS5 because of its sophisticated features.

DiRT 5

Rally games can occasionally get overly stressful and difficult, which causes the participants to lose patience. DiRT 5 is one PS5 game to save the day because we do recognize that not all players are looking for tight and difficult games. In the career mode of this arcade-style racing game, you can play, earn coins, and purchase new cars and stickers.

In addition to the professional mode, you can create your own events and publicize them. The aesthetics and variety of performance modes on the PS5 version are exceptional. If your TV supports it, you can also play it at 120 frames per second.


A modified version of one of those games that encourage you to bash into your opponent is called Wreckfest. The majority of the events you will face in Wreckfest are races, but the ideal way to play it is to bring the damage modeling up to realistic levels, which makes every event more exciting and frantic.

This is the ideal game for you if you enjoy violent, risky, and adrenaline-inducing games because of its variety and intense action, which elevates it to one of the top PS5 racing games. You are losing out on a lot if you have a PS5 and have not yet started playing this game.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is another very entertaining and fun game on the PS5. The gameplay is perfect, and the car collection mechanic is engaging enough to draw us back often. The main objective of Gran Turismo 7 is to acquire every car in the game, in addition to finishing the café menu books and advancing the single-player experience. Winning races is the primary means by which players will accomplish this, therefore it’s fortunate that racing itself is enjoyable.

If you want to play a car racing game that is not cliché and has unique events, we would say this is one of the best.

Final Thoughts

Gamers are constantly looking for entertaining games to play, and no matter how many they play, some of the games are always left behind. Those of you who haven’t yet discovered the car racing side of gaming are missing out on some excellent games like the ones we’ve just mentioned. Because of its unique features, each of these games stands apart from the rest.

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